class ansys.dpf.core.available_result.AvailableResult(availableresult)#

Represents a result that can be requested via an operator.


availableresult (available_result_pb2.AvailableResult message.) –


Explore an available result from the model.

>>> from ansys.dpf import core as dpf
>>> from ansys.dpf.core import examples
>>> transient = examples.download_transient_result()
>>> model = dpf.Model(transient)
>>> result_info = model.metadata.result_info
>>> res = result_info.available_results[0]
>>> res.name
>>> res.homogeneity
>>> res.dimensionality

Create the operator of the given available result.

>>> disp = model.results.displacement()
property name#

Result operator.

property n_components#

Number of components of the result.

property dimensionality#

Dimensionality nature of the result, such as a vector, scalar, or tensor.

property homogeneity#

Homogeneity of the result.

property unit#

Unit of the result.

property operator_name#

Name of the corresponding operator.

property sub_results#

List of the subresult.

property native_location#

Native location of the result.

property native_scoping_location#

Native scoping location of the result.

property physical_name: str#

Name of the result with spaces