class ansys.dpf.core.available_result.AvailableResult(availableresult)

A class used to represent an Available result which can be requested via an operator


availableresult (available_result_pb2.AvailableResult message) –


Explore an available result from the model

>>> from ansys.dpf import core as dpf
>>> from ansys.dpf.core import examples
>>> transient = examples.download_transient_result()
>>> model = dpf.Model(transient)
>>> result_info = model.metadata.result_info
>>> res = result_info.available_results[0]
>>> res.name
>>> res.homogeneity
>>> res.dimensionality

Create the operator of the given available result >>> disp = model.results.displacement()

property name

Result operator

property n_components

Number of components of the results

property dimensionality

Dimensionality nature of the result (vector, scalar, tensor…)

property homogeneity

Homogeneity of the result

property unit

Unit of the result

property operator_name

Name of the corresponding operator”

property sub_results

List of sub result”