Customize the behavior of the module.

ansys.dpf.core.settings.disable_off_screen_rendering() None#

No pop up windows appears to plot data with matplotlib or pyvista

ansys.dpf.core.settings.disable_interpreter_properties_evaluation() bool#

If jedi module is installed (autocompletion module for most of IDEs), disables the property evaluation when tab key is pressed.

To use in Jupyter Notebook if autocompletion becomes slow.


Whether disabling the capability has been possible.

Return type


ansys.dpf.core.settings.set_dynamic_available_results_capability(value) None#

Disables the evaluation of the available results and the dynamic creation of the results properties when a ‘’Model’’ is created.


value (bool) – With ‘’True’’, models will dynamically generate results properties


>>> from ansys.dpf import core as dpf
>>> dpf.settings.set_dynamic_available_results_capability(False)
>>> dpf.settings.set_dynamic_available_results_capability(True)