Plot results on a specific path

This example shows how to get a result mapped over a specific path, and how to plot it.

from ansys.dpf import core as dpf
from ansys.dpf.core import examples
from ansys.dpf.core.plotter import DpfPlotter

Path plotting

We will use an ansys.dpf.core.plotter.DpfPlotter to plot a mapped result over a defined path of coordinates.

# First, we need to create the model, request its mesh and its
# displacement data
model = dpf.Model(examples.static_rst)
mesh = model.metadata.meshed_region
stress_fc = model.results.stress().eqv().outputs.fields_container()

Then, we create a coordinates field to map on

coordinates = []
ref = [0.024, 0.03, 0.003]
for i in range(1, 51):
    coord_copy = ref.copy()
    coord_copy[1] = coord_copy[0] + i * 0.001
field_coord = dpf.fields_factory.create_3d_vector_field(len(coordinates)) = coordinates
field_coord.scoping.ids = list(range(1, len(coordinates) + 1))

Let’s now compute the mapped data using the mapping operator

mapping_operator = dpf.Operator("mapping")
fields_mapped = mapping_operator.outputs.fields_container()

Here, we request the mapped field data and its mesh

field_m = fields_mapped[0]
mesh_m = field_m.meshed_region

Now we create the plotter and add fields and meshes

pl = DpfPlotter()

pl.add_field(field_m, mesh_m)
pl.add_mesh(mesh, style="surface", show_edges=True,
             color="w", opacity=0.3)

# Finally we plot the result
00 plot on path

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